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Jun Kombucha Premium Starter Culture - Single Unit

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Jun Kombucha Premium Starter Culture - Single Unit

Jun tea is considered the "champagne of kombucha", and has a crisper, brighter flavor profile compared to regular kombucha. Making Jun tea is the same process as making kombucha, but instead of feeding the culture black tea and cane sugar, you use green tea and raw honey.

With proper care and storage, you can reuse your culture for multiple batches. For short term storage, a clean, food grade container placed somewhere out of direct sunlight and left undisturbed is suggested. If you will not be using your SCOBY for an extended period of time, place it in a clean, food grade container in the refrigerator for up to 3 months. Feeding (adding new tea) as needed to keep the SCOBY from drying out.

Sold individually.

AVAILABLE STOCK: Product availability dependent on current inventory. Any out-of-stock product may be fulfilled when restocked or exchanged for another product of equal value.

Price: $19.99
Ship Weight: 1.03 Pounds

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